Feedback and Distribution

Hey all, time for some news on both CAPERS and Murders & Acquisitions

Big News for M&A Distribution

Murders & Acquisitions has been available for purchase at for a few months now. And some people (other than backers) have bought it. YAY!

I've recently signed a contract with Indie Press Revolution to make M&A available through them. IPR is an online distributor, so you can buy the game just like at DTRPG. BUT, it also sells to retailers! I still have to finish up the NerdBurger Games page and get everything squared away, but copies of the book have been purchased and are on their way to the IPR warehouse.

So, with any luck, M&A will start popping up in at least some game stores in the next month or two! If your local game store doesn't buy games through Indie Press Revolution, you might want to let them know about IPR. IPR is a great outlet for small press and indie games that wouldn't otherwise be able to get wider distribution through normal channels. 

CAPERS Feedback and Round 3

Round 2 playtest feedback is in and I'm hard at work revising the game. My playtest groups provided ample feedback, which broke down into about forty bullet points of stuff I need to revisit. Future changes involve:

  • Clarifying some rules and terminology.
  • Nailing down how bonuses provided by Powers stack or don't stack with each other.
  • Tweaking Powers and creating some new ones for the next round. 
  • Revisiting Hits and damage and making some adjustments that should ease play and GM tracking of such things.
  • Addition of rules for standoffs where the characters and their foes are facing off with each other before bullets and Powers start flying.

For Round 3 of playtesting, I'll be having playtesters create their own characters with orders to try combos and stretch rules to try to break the game. Gotta find those overpowered combos and bring them under control. 

CAPERS Team Starting Work

I'll be meeting with my graphic designer on Saturday to start working out a bunch of stuff.

  • What the interior of the book will look like.
  • What the covers will look like, including a game title design.
  • Figuring out what it will take to create a CAPERS deck of playing cards that people can use to play the game. 
  • Designing a final character sheet for the game.

James Introcaso of the World Builder Blog has begun work on a game design assignment. He'll be developing a toolbox of options that GMs can use to inject comic book/graphic novel tropes into the style and tone of the game. Things like "super-prisons" and "alternate Earths."

Beth Varni has begun work on illustrations for CAPERS. She'll be doing all of the artwork for the book and is beginning with concepting, following up with actual illustrations. Some of these illustrations will be in the eventual Kickstarter video, but all of them will be in the final book. 

Here's a sample, a couple of ne'er-do-wells making plans to get rich from Prohibition:

A few other people will begin their work in the coming months.

All in all, things are going swimmingly. CAPERS is really starting to shape up.

Game on,