CAPERS Grows...M&A Gets Downsized

As always seems to be the case, things have been busy here in NerdBurgerLand. Here we go!

CAPERS Game Title

I've been working with graphic designer Owen on a bunch of stuff. Primary among those things is the game title. Here's a look at the first pass. It'll almost certainly change a bit and will be in color in its final form. But this is where we're starting.

CAPERS Playing Cards?

CAPERS uses a standard Poker-style deck of playing cards (52 suit cards plus two jokers) rather than dice. Plans are underway for making a themed deck of playing cards available to Kickstarter backers as an add-on. No images to share just yet, but the back of the cards will feature the game title. Most of the faces will be your typical spades/hearts/diamonds/clubs stuff. Jacks, Queens, and Kings will feature illustrations of important NPCs in the game. The jokers will also be custom to the game.

CAPERS Excerpt

My playtesters are putting the game through its paces again. This time around, the players get to create their own characters and try to push the limits of the rules and find broken combos that will need fixing.

Here's a glimpse of two new Powers that will be featured in the NEXT round of playtesting. The Power total has hit 40 and I think that's gonna be it. Plenty of options for players.

M&A Will Be On Shelves at Some Cons

A few months ago, I joined the Indie Game Developer Network. The IGDN is a group of indie developers who share their talents with each other to build the indie side of the gaming world. I'm proud to be counted among these fine folks. Check 'em out.

A handy benefit of membership is found in the IDGN having booths at some of the larger gaming conventions. M&A will be on the shelves at the booths for GenCon and PAX Unplugged this year.

As soon as I order a bunch of books and ship them to the IGDN dude who gathers them all together.

M&A Downsized PDF Now Available

If you're reading this, you probably already have a copy of Murders & Acquisitions. PDF version and two book options are available at

In an effort to bring my first RPG to even more people, I've DOWNSIZED IT.

That is, I've created an edition of the game that removes the 5 chapters/70 pages of optional, add-on, mix-and-match rules. This version of the game is the 100-page, slim, "Downsized" version of the game containing only the base game without any of that additional stuff. It's still a complete game, with info for players and GMs, but it's as tight and slim as it can be.

Murders & Acquisitions Downsized is available in PDF form at for just $8.

It'll only ever be available in PDF form. The point of this edition is to offer up a game for single-digit dollars. If you have friends who are interested in the game but don't want to plunk down $15+, here's a nice option.