Some Friendly Requests from NerdBurger Games

Hey there. If you're on the NerdBurger Games mailing list, you can ignore this Blog post. I'm just throwing this out for those of you who aren't on the mailing list.

This is excerpted from the update I sent to people on the NerdBurger Games mailing list.

Some Requests

I have some requests to make of you. Take a look at the topics below and fire an email to me at to help me out if you can.

Help Building this Mailing List?

I send an email to you via this mailing list about once per month. That was my promise and continues to be my promise. Only about once per month. If you know anyone who you think might enjoy the games I'm creating, tell them to email me at with a request to be added to this mailing list.

The bigger I can make this mailing list, the more people I can get on board with NerdBurger Games. And that will mean the next game, CAPERS, will have a better chance of funding when I run a Kickstarter sometime in the first half of 2018. I want to keep bringing awesome games to all of you, but I need interest wherever I can find it.

Do You Want to Die Laughing?

While CAPERS is going strong, I've started to tinker with an idea for a new RPG, tentatively titled Die Laughing.

Die Laughing is a horror-comedy RPG that is intended to run in 1-2 hours, based on number of players involved. One of the biggest issues with many horror games is "what does a player do if their character dies?" The player can whip up a new character or play an NPC already introduced. But that's kind of a cop-out.

Die Laughing runs in a short period of time and the rules are built in such a way that even if your character dies, you still have cool and evocative ways you can influence the story. The hope is that even if a character dies early (and most of the characters WILL die), the player still has fun influencing the story in interesting ways.

The game is built on a simple set of rules and a series of cards. The cards help you define your character, set scenes for the game, and allow the Threat (the monster or whatever) to do things. It's a GM-less game where the "GM role" passes from player to player as they group tells the story. A unique dice mechanic involves each player having an individual pool of dice. This pool of dice decreases as the player's character runs through the story, In essence, the dice pool functions as a countdown to your character's death. Fun, right?

Die Laughing is in its most rudimentary form and I'm looking for a few people who can run some alpha tests to see how it runs. You'll need a total of 4-8 players including you to run a 1-2 hour session. More players means a longer session. If you're interested in giving the game an alpha spin, email me at with the subject line "Die Laughing Alpha Playtest Request" or something like that.

Continuing Support for Games?

M&A was always intended to be an all-in-one game experience. CAPERS is similar.

BUT, maybe some of you want to see some additional PDF support for our games. If you're interested in such a thing, email me at and let me know. If there's some interest, I might be persuaded to create some supplemental content for M&A (and eventually CAPERS and beyond). If interest is great enough, maybe I can set up a simple Patreon where people can throw in a couple bucks now and then to help me create such content that's more than just text on a page. Artwork and such. That costs money.

Whew. That about covers it. Thanks for reading this little (big) update. I hope to hear from you. Even if you don't want to playtest Die Laughing or whatnot, you're always welcome to drop me a line at and let me know how your M&A games have been going.

Game on,