Die Laughing Alpha Playtest and Other Stuff

Hey there everyone.

A few quick items. 

Die Laughing Alpha Playtest

It's time to get some alpha playtesters for a new game that I've JUST barely started designing. I've put together the absolute minimum needed to play the game and need to see how the system works. If you're interested in giving it a whirl, email me at NerdBurgerGames@gmail.com. Put "Die Laughing Feedback" in the subject line. 

The game is called Die Laughing. It's a 1-2 hour, GM-less story game. Players portray characters in a horror comedy movie. The dice function as a countdown clock to your character's death. Even after your character is gone, there are ways for you to remain active in and influence the story.

You can download it HERE. I simply ask that if you download it, please give it a whirl and provide feedback. I can't hold you to this, but I hope you'll be honest and not download unless you plan to play it. If the game gets some traction, I'll expand it with more characters, scenes, and monsters and make a real book with illustrations and all that good stuff. 

CAPERS Playtests

I've got about ten playtest groups playtesting for this next round, including several groups that are brand new to the game. Time to find those little missing bits that I don't realize are missing cuz I'm too close to the game. 

CAPERS is getting closer and closer to completion with every round of playtesting. 

If you'd like to try it out for a one-shot playtest, email me at NerdBurgerGames@gmail.com. More eyes on the game will make it better. 

M&A Actual Play Podcast Episodes

The kind folks at the Don't Split the Podcast Network had me on to run a 4-hour actual play on Twitch a few weeks ago. They've broken the 4-hours up into multiple shorter audio-only podcast episodes HERE. If you want to see how CRAIG runs the game, here you go.

Make sure to check out there other podcasts. Great stuff all over that website. 

M&A For Sale at Conventions

In addition to the game making its way into a handful of game stores via Indie Press Revolution, M&A will be on sale at GenCon in the Indie Game Developer Network booth. I plan to also make it available at the IGDN booths at PAX Unplugged and the Midwinter Gaming Convention. More murderers will be acquired soon!

A Glimpse of CAPERS Artwork

Beth Varni has been hard at work on a number of illustrations for CAPERS. I leave you with a look at a finely dressed fellow shooting people with his concussion beams AND flying (sort of) with those same beams pointed at the ground. 


Back to work. Bye bye.