CAPERS Specs as of 2017-07-27


  • Approx. 53,000 words written (including James’ portion and Derek’s portion, wrapping up now)
  • Approx. 15,000 words left to go (including Celeste and Tim’s stuff)
  • Plans for approx. 50 illustrations, plus a little something special
  • Plans for three maps, one underway with Mike
  • Front cover design mostly worked out by Owen
  • Interior graphics/typesetting/fonts underway with Owen
  • Projected page count: 150-160
  • Kickstarter video makers and plan locked in (with Michelle and Jim)
  • Playtest round 4 underway with three ongoing groups plus seven brand new groups
  • Plan for playtest round 5 worked out
  • Plans for custom deck of 54 playing cards underway with Owen
  • Kickstarter backer tiers mostly worked out (including ways to get backers’ likeness in illustrations)
  • Plans for 40-page ashcan edition underway for later this year
  • Craig’s con schedule worked out (5 cons) with one possibility still being investigated
  • Editor lined up and tentative start date set
  • All PDF support materials planned, some of it already completed
  • Podcast/actual play plans already set for a couple appearances, more underway
  • Approximate Kickstarter start and end dates decided, to be finalized in a few months

I try to be as transparent as I can about the development of my games. It's kind of a requirement, given that I'm a little bitty company and don't have a lot of reach (always looking for more). Sooooo...

Things are coming together nicely. Lots to plan. But lots already done, so that's exciting. If you know anyone who might be interested in M&A, CAPERS, or anything else coming from NerdBurger Games, send them to this blog to subscribe to the RSS feed. If they'd prefer less frequent updates but still want to be in the loop, point them to the Contact page where then can subscribe to our VERY Occasional Newsletter, max one email per month.