Lightning Round of News

Hey there everyone. Let’s keep this quick and to the point.

Affiliate Link

See the link to buy M&A on the front page here at  That’s an affiliate link. If you use that link to go to and then buy stuff (not even my stuff; any stuff), NerdBurger Games gets a little money. It costs you nothing except pressing that button. You can even copy the link and make it your bookmark for DTRPG so you don’t forget to use it.

The Resplendent Ruler of Oz

There’s a new micro-game available on the Micro-Games page. Free PDF, people. FREE!

DMs Guild

Do you like my work and also like to play D&D?

I wrote a 23-page guide to taking the heroes to a monarch’s court in D&D 5E. It’s on the DMs Guild HERE. Not free. But inexpensive.


I had a nice chat with the fellas at Skirmish Supremacy right HERE.

Team CAPERS Reassemble!

Artist is arting. Graphic designer is graphicking. Cartographer is cartography…cartographer…mapping. Chicago writer is writing…Chicago Style!

One of my writers had to drop from working on CAPERS cuz they are super-successful at some other stuff and have gotten very busy. Yay for Celeste Connowitch and the gals at Venture Maidens! Check them out.

I’m working on getting someone on board to pick up where Celeste wasn’t able to. Hopefully, I’ll get a “yes” from this person this weekend. Stay tuned!

CAPERS Playtesting

Round 5 of playtesting went to five groups a few days back. This is the fine-tuning round. If all goes well, I think I can safely say we’re looking at a Kickstarter in the first three months of 2018.


I’m going to be putting together an ashcan edition of CAPERS soon. An ashcan is, basically, a preview promotional copy. Basic layout. Just a handful of illustrations. But enough of the game to give it a whirl, including an adventure and pre-generated characters. It should be available as both a super-cheap PDF and a slightly more expensive, but still pretty cheap, softcover. Stay tuned for more info.

GenCon Sales

I was worried M&A would disappear among the plethora of other games available at GenCon. I figured I’d sell five books. Ten books would be a great convention. I sold fourteen. Big thanks to the folks at the IGDN who made that booth happen!


I’ve been invited to be a guest at AcadeCon in Dayton, Ohio. November 10-12, 2017, hosted and organized by the RPG Academy. This is the first time I’ve been invited to be a convention guest outside the place where I live and I couldn’t possibly be more stoked to go. I've been on the RPG Academy podcasts a couple times and we had Michael from the RPG Academy on the NerdBurger Podcast a little while back. 

Check out the Schedule page for more info on convention appearances.

A Little More Murdering & Acquiring?

I’m considering putting together a little somethin’-somethin’ for Murders & Acquisitions to release for the end of the year. Here’s hoping I find a little extra time to crunch it out. It’s outlined. I just need to write it.

That does it for now. Stay tuned for a glimpse of the CAPERS front cover, which is thiiiiiiis close to completion.

Game on,