Big September Update

Hello all. CAPERS is still wrapping up a playtesting round, but here's a whole bunch of little announcements about other things. (If you haven't seen the final CAPERS front cover, go down to the previous blog post and take a look.)

Little Angels / Little Devils

Based on a suggestion from a Twitter follower, I designed a one-page micro-game all about characters making decisions when they're not good at making decisions. It involves that little angel and little devil that sit on peoples' shoulders and give advice. You can download it from the Micro-Games page. For FREE! 

The November Announcement Plan

November is gonna be a BIG month for NerdBurger Games. In addition to going to two big conventions on consecutive weekends, I've got some big announcements coming. Here's a peek. 

CAPERS Preview Edition

I've received the first proof of the 44-page CAPERS Preview Edition. There are a few tweaks to be made, but things are on course. I'll be making it available in early November at To learn more about what's in the Preview Edition, pop down a couple blog posts and take a gander. 

Die Laughing Preview Edition

I'll also be releasing a 26-page Preview Edition of Die Laughing in November. Again, more info a couple blog posts down. Keep an eye out for it, especially if you'd like to provide some alpha feedback. I'm pretty damn certain Die Laughing will be the third game from NBG. 

The CAPERS Kickstarter!

Everything is on track for me officially announcing the Kickstarter dates for CAPERS. Barring any unforeseen issues with this round of playtesting, I'll nail down the dates in October and announce specifics in November. Stay tuned!

Social Media Call to Share NerdBurger Games

If you like M&A and what you've heard of CAPERS, please share this website with your friends. I'm officially starting a push to make as many people aware of these things as possible. I can fire info all over the social media and this blog, but CAPERS will be in better shape if YOU tell people about it. 

Point people to this website, particularly the Blog page and the Contact page to stay in the loop. The more people I have reading this blog, subscribing to the monthly newsletter, following me on Twitter, etc., the more likely the CAPERS Kickstarter will open strong!

Craig's Convention Appearances

I'm going to try to tweet about what I'm doing and where I am at my upcoming convention appearances. I normally suck at this. So...if you're gonna be at any of these conventions and want to touch base with me, follow me on Twitter (@NerdBurgerCraig) and fire tweets at me while at the convention to remind me to tell you what the hell I'm doing. 

AcadeCon - Nov 10-12, 2017 - Dayton, OH

I'm a special guest at AcadeCon this year. I love these folks. They've been INCREDIBLY supportive of my game work. And to top it off, they produce super podcasts and run a super convention. 

If you're in or near Dayton, Ohio, consider going. Three days of RPG (and other gaming) goodness plus LOTS of podcast guests. Seriously. The Special Guest List is ridiculous! I'll be running demos of all my games, participating in some panels, playing some games, and talking all about being a giant dork. And I'd love to meet you. 

PAX Unplugged - Nov 17-29, 2017 - Philadelphia, PA

The fine folks at PAX are hosting their first ever convention dedicated to tabletop gaming. Check it out HERE. Board games, card games, RPGs, tons of other stuff. My schedule is VERY much in flux right now, but I'll be running 2-hour games in the Games on Demand room as well as other places TBD. M&A and the CAPERS Preview Edition will be available for purchase at the IGDN booth in the dealer hall. 

Special Event for Murders & Acquisitions Backers? Wanna play a game with me?

Since PAX Unplugged will be attended by many gamers, it's possible there will be a handful of M&A backers/NBG lovers who will be in attendance. I'd like to run a special event for you! If you are going and are interested in participating in this special event, email me at ASAP. I'll compile interested persons in a little list. If I get enough, we'll work together to schedule a time and game to play. 

Midwinter Gaming Convention - January 11-14, 2018 - Milwaukee, WI

I'll be at Midwinter for the entire convention. I'll be busy with industry networking stuff on Thursday, but I'll be running demos of all my games and a few full game events all day on both Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday morning. I'll also be hosting a panel on Creating Your Own RPG. If you live in the area, swing on by. And if you're not terribly big into RPGs but instead prefer LARPs, you should TOTALLY check out Midwinter. It's filled with cool LARPs. 

Additional Convention Appearances?

The Schedule page contains info on a few other places I'll be in early 2018. They're all in the Atlanta area or nearby. But if you're interested and have the means, swing on by. 

And Finally, I'm Now Taking Requests...

If you're reading this blog post, you're one of my favorite people in the whole world. You're a lover of all things NerdBurger Games, and I'd like to reward you for your loyalty.

If there's ANYTHING I've been talking about on this blog that you'd like to know more about, email me at Wanna see some more illustrations? Some screen shots of a few pages of the CAPERS Preview Edition or Die Laughing Preview Edition? Info on anything specific about my game design process? Something else? Let me know! I'll make a little list and see what I can do about bringing your request to fruition. This is your chance to make me do stuff and/or pick my brain! Don't let this opportunity pass you by. 

And thank you so much for supporting my game design efforts over these many months. I appreciate each and every one of you. When I started my little game company, I had no idea it would blossom like it has. We're not big, but we're fierce!

Okay...that's it. I'm spent. I gotta get back to work.

Game on,