Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey there NerdBurger lovers!

As I start (hopefully) wrapping up CAPERS design and start diving into my own personal convention and promotion season leading to a Kickstarter for my little game of 1920s gangsters with superpowers, I have some updates for you. NerdBurger Games is really hopping!

CAPERS Reassembled

I had originally tapped Celeste Conowitch to do some design work for CAPERS. But she and her compatriots and their live play podcast went and got all big and famous after their appearance at GenCon. Ugh. Successful people. ;-) (Seriously, though, check 'em out. They're pretty rad!)

I went searching for a new member for the CAPERS team. As of this moment, I'm proud to say that I have suckered Kevin Kulp into doing some design work in Celeste's stead. Kevin Kulp? Who's that? You might know him as the designer of TimeWatch, which is a fucking awesome RPG that I backed on Kickstarter. Go ahead and buy it. You won't be disappointed. 

CAPERS Preview Edition

As I move toward a Kickstarter to make CAPERS a reality, I've made a decision. How about I put the game in the hands of interested gamers BEFORE the Kickstarter happens? That can help, right?


I plan to release the CAPERS Preview Edition in a couple months. I'll put it on DriveThruRPG.com as both a PDF and a softcover, both very reasonably priced. The Preview Edition will be 44 pages of hot, intense, super-gangster action. The core rules, some setting info, a smattering of superpowers, a complete introductory adventure, and a bunch of pre-generated characters. Basic layout and with just a few illustrations, but a complete game. Not the whole game by any means, but enough to whet your appetite and give you a chance to take the game for a spin. Stay tuned!

Die Laughing Alpha Playtest

A short time ago, I got together with some local RPG lovers and put my NEXT game through its very first playtest. Die Laughing is a GM-less, short-play, horror-comedy story game. It's a much smaller game than my previous two efforts, featuring a dice mechanic that functions as a countdown to your character's death. And those characters will die...in fun and entertaining ways. 

But what do I do when my character dies? Fear not. There's a bunch of cool stuff in the game rules that will keep you involved in telling the story even after your character is dead...or a zombie...or a pod person...or...

I plan to get this game into the hands of playtesters in the very near future. This initial playtest went pretty well and I'm confident that it will be the third game from NerdBurger Games.

AndoCon 2018

AndoCon is an Atlanta gaming convention that I've been involved with for a few years now. When I attend the convention, I'm usually running games and demos, hosting an episode of the NerdBurger Show, and hanging out. For the 2018 convention, I'm helping organize a Kickstarter to get things off the ground and wrangling a bunch of cool, free stuff that we'll be giving away at the con. 

If you're in the Atlanta area or might want to swing by Atlanta, here's the website for AndoCon. I'll certainly post about it here when the Kickstarter goes up in October. 

The Monach's Court Reminder

A quick reminder for you D&D lovers out there. I wrote a fun little guide to bringing your D&D characters to a monarch's court. It's available at the DMs Guild. Super-cheap pile of D&D goodness.

Mice and Motorcycles?

What ever shall you do if you just can't wait for a new game on Kickstarter? I got ya covered. My friend Derek Kamal of Shoreless Skies Publishing will be launching a Kickstarter for Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse in October. 

HMTM is a FATE-based game of mice on motorcycles doing cool stuff. I'll let you know when the Kickstarter is up and running. If it does well, I'll be writing a little something for the game...which I am totally stoked for. 

It's also worth noting that Derek has contributed to CAPERS, providing a plethora of info on New York City in my game world. 

Murders & Acquisitions Holiday Bonus?

But you ask, "What about Murders & Acquisitions?" Any love for M&A? The answer is...YES!

As we near the one-year anniversary of NerdBurger Games releasing Murders & Acquisitions into the wild, I'm hard at work on the very first supplement for the game. 

It's tentatively titled "Holiday Bonus" and will be 15 pages of M&A fun. A brand new company for the game, an adventure tied to this company, and a smattering of rules stuff...all with a holiday theme, for you and yours!

Here's a glimpse of a few pieces. 

So there you go. I gotta get back to making super-cool games. You go back to playing those cool games. 

Game on,