Post-Midwinter Decompression


I got back just today from a trip to Wisconsin to attend Midwinter Gaming Convention and then visit family in the frozen north. I expect to hit the sack in the very near future, but I thought I'd touch base here real quick while things are still fresh in my head. 

Midwinter Gaming Convention

I had a lovely time at Midwinter, my second time attending the con. The RPG segment of the con was noticeably livelier this time around. I manned a demo table for a good chunk of Friday and Saturday. Lots of fun. I ran a game of Die Laughing and a CAPERS game. Everyone seemed to have a great deal of fun. 

While that stuff was great, there a little something that's worth mentioning for designers. I attended the Industry Summit events that ran throughout Thursday. Multiple seminars/meetups for industry professionals to network, talk shop, and discuss things like Kickstarters, small press publishing, and social media marketing. I found all of these events useful but of particular note is the social media discussion hosted by Meredith Gerber of Incredibly informative. I hope the Midwinter folks continue with this Thursday plan in the future. Lots of great learning and sharing experiences. 

CAPERS Book Prep

I received a proof copy of the interior graphic design work Owen and I have been working on lately. Owen and I will be meeting soon to discuss the options we created and figure out how we're going to move forward. The interior look and feel of the book is shaping up nicely. 

Mike is continuing to push through map stuff. They're looking good. Just need some final decisions and final production.

My editor wrapped up her pass on the book manuscript a couple days ago. I'll be picking up her redlines and fixing all the spots where I THOUGHT I was writing things correctly...but wasn't....very soon. 

CAPERS Kickstarter Prep

Michelle is hard at work on the Kickstarter video, though I owe her a few items, most notably a final map of Atlantic City from Mike and four more illustrations from Beth (which she has been working on; she's gonna send me sketches soon).

Today, I started contacting chat and podcast folks to begin nailing down the promotional push that will happen before and during the Kickstarter. I've got three actual play recordings planned. One is done. One is coming up but hasn't been nailed down yet. And ONE will happen very soon. 

You can get a sneak peek and watch as I take four players through a CAPERS adventure with Don't Split the Podcast Network Presents on Sunday, January 21st, starting at 3pm Eastern. Info can be found HERE. Their Twitch channel can be found HERE

My Convention Schedule

It's official. I'm gonna be at ETSU-Con in February. You can see my entire upcoming convention schedule HERE. If you're gonna be at any of these conventions, come find me!

And that's a wrap...for this blog post. Type at ya later.

Game on,