CAPERS Sketches from Beth

Hey there,

I received some sketches from Beth today. She's working on a few illustrations to round out what I need for the CAPERS Kickstarter video and page. They're rudimentary and will see full color treatment for the final, but here's a look at what's in the works.

The illustration on the left is a two-panel illo showing a safecracker trying to break into a big floor safe by traditional means. After that fails, he unleashes a bolt of energy to blast the door open. The illustration on the right features three gangsters leveling weapons at foes off panel. 

I sent Beth some feedback on each, including ideas for some 1920s ads to appear on the wall behind the shooters. As expected, Beth is rocking it. 

Don't Split the Podcast Presents: CAPERS

I'll be running a game of CAPERS on Sunday, January 21, from 3-7pm Eastern on the Don't Split the Podcast Twitch Channel. My players include James Introcaso, Celeste Conowitch, Sage Stafford, and Paul Harpring. They'll be diving into 1920s New York to find...something. There will be twists and turns. There will be secrets revealed. There will be fun. 

Make sure to check out all the fun stuff at the Don't Split the Podcast Network. Including Venture Maidens (starring Celeste and Sage, as well as a couple other great gals). Also including Table Top Babble (starring James Introcaso), where I sometimes swing by to talk RPGs. 

Murders & Acquisitions Memos

My trip to Midwinter put me in touch with a few people in the RPG industry who suggested I try to provide some free content supporting a released game to generate interest. As it turns out, a lot of people LOVE downloading free stuff for games they don't even own. So I put out some free stuff. They download and check it out. Maybe use some of those ideas in other games. And eventually, they start wondering what my game is about. Then they maybe buy a copy. 

So, I'm going to try to dive into this for Murders & Acquisitions this year as time permits. I'm planning to create a series of one-page PDF supplements for M&A called Memos. Each Memo will contain some material for the game. And they'll be free to download at Keep an eye out for M&A Memos!

Other Bits and Pieces

I've ordered a table runner for use at convention tables featuring the NerdBurger Games burger dude and game company name. I'm working on squaring away podcast appearances for the CAPERS Kickstarter. I'm figuring out things for future convention appearances. I'm nailing down the CAPERS Kickstarter page. And I'm working my way through pages 5-7 of my big "Planning Document" which covers all sorts of NerdBurger Games stuff. 

And that's a wrap for now.

Game on,