Photographic Evidence


Wanna see some photos that demonstrate what I've been up to lately? Here you go!

CAPERS Interior Graphic Design

Owen and I have been hashing through graphic design for the interior of the CAPERS book. We developed five variants and recently discussed them. After some discussion, we've developed "Round 2" of interior graphic design, to be reviewed in a couple weeks. I'm really excited about how great the book is going to look. Great graphic design. Great artwork. Hopefully great game content. 

CAPERS Editing

I sent the final manuscript of CAPERS to my editor, Karen, a while back. I recently received her markups. Wanna know how good of a writer I am? This pic should give you an idea. Pretty good, but plenty to fix. Each tab sticking out of that book indicates one or more items on a page that need to be fixed. 

AndoCon 2018 Prize Support

Along with working on NerdBurger Games stuff, I've been helping AndoCon 2018 get going. One of my responsibilities is finding prize support. Cool game stuff that will be awarded to attendees for various reasons. 

Here's a pic of the stack of games that have been contributed by sponsors which I have sitting in my apartment...just waiting for AndoCon. This stack does not include THIRTEEN games sent to us by CheapAss Games. (HOLY CRAP!) It doesn't include a handful of games that are still in transit that I'll receive in the next few weeks. And it doesn't include all the cool freebies and giveaways that will happen as part of the MANY special events being hosted at AndoCon 2018. 

SO. MUCH. FREE. STUFF. If you're not already planning to attend AndoCon 2018, you need to re-think that and check it out HERE

Back to the grind. 

Game on,