2018 in Review

Hello everyone,

As 2018 wraps up, it’s time for a look back…and a look forward. This year has been one of growth for NerdBurger Games. Somewhat surprising growth, really. And it’s also been a year where NerdBurger Games has come into its own and is no longer just “some guy and the one game he made.” We have two bigger games on the market and Die Laughing is just weeks away from publishing.

I went to a ton of conventions (twelve in twelve months) and met a slew of great people. Other designers. Fans and backers. Freelancers. All in all, a great, if occasionally tiring, series of experiences.


Thank you to each and every one of you who backed one of our Kickstarters, bought a game, played games with me, ran our games at conventions and game days, or in any other way supported NerdBurger Games. It’s taken some time for this to happen, but I finally feel like NBG has a community. It’s a great feeling and I look forward to seeing what else we can accomplish in the coming years.

And thank you to all the great people who helped me make games this year. Writers, editors, layout folks, graphic designers, artists, playtesters. Dozens of people helped bring CAPERS and Die Laughing to life. Thank you all so much for your hard work.

Kickstarters and Fulfillment


From my point of view, CAPERS outperformed in every way. I make niche games. I figured I’d be happy if I pulled 300 backers. CAPERS got 532. It got featured on Geek & Sundry (twice). Word spread all over. It won fans among Twitch streamers, podcasters, bloggers, and so on. This interest, along with the backers’ call for it, is what’s pushing me toward making a supplement.

Die Laughing

I couldn’t help but have high expectations for Die Laughing, after CAPERS’ success. It’s a smaller game, and very niche as well, but it did quite well. 392 backers in a shortened, three-week campaign.

The success of these two Kickstarters, along with a couple other things that went well or were unexpected has led to…

A Profitable Year

2018 is NerdBurger Games’ first truly profitable year. I’ve stayed in the black for the couple years before, but the little extra money made went right back into purchasing artwork for something coming up or to help offset expenses for conventions. This year, profits actually put me in a position where I can pursue supplements for CAPERS, continue pushing forward on Project Thunderhawk, and take chances on a couple other opportunities, without endangering my personal finances.

Are these profits life-changing? No. Am I going to quit my day job? No. But this year has made the last few years of squeaking by feel worth it.

Murders & Acquisitions

M&A even saw an upswing this year, being featured in the Indie Cornucopia 6 Bundle of Holding back in November. Plus, I put the PDF in the hands of a BUNCH of Die Laughing backers (along with CAPERS PDFs).

What’s in Store for 2019?

NerdBurger Games hopes to build on this past year by pursuing a few different things.


CAPERS will receive at least one supplement, CAPERS Noir, which is tentatively planned for Kickstarter in March. If CAPERS Noir does well, CAPERS Covert is next on the docket, hopefully with a Kickstarter before the end of 2019. CAPERS Offworld, if it gets made, will happen in 2020.

I’ll be working on Project Thunderhawk here and there as the CAPERS supplements progress. Given that it uses the CAPERS Core system, it’s development will center on some sub-systems and the game world itself, not so much on the core mechanics. As of right now, I have no projection for when Project Thunderhawk might see public playtesting or a Kickstarter. It’s going to depend, in part, on how the CAPERS supplements do.


CAPERS was featured on Little Red Dot’s Twitch channel late in 2018 and was a rousing success. I’m looking to get the game on some additional Twitch channels in 2019. Things are in the works.

Additionally, I’ll be establishing a Twitch channel for NBG. The channel won’t have a ton of content. It’ll mostly be a place for me to run/promote my own CAPERS campaign and to run occasional other games (both mine and others). I expect to also occasionally run some playtests there and maybe even some “Inside the NerdBurger” glimpses of me working on stuff and talking game design.


The NerdBurger Games Discord has taken off over the past few months. I’ll be working to grow it more. Most notably, I’ll be hosting some voice chats beginning in the second half of January about RPG design, running a Kickstarter, and publishing your own game. I got my start in RPG freelancing because other people gave me a chance and guided me. I love paying that kind of support forward.


The 2019 conventions schedule will be significantly less busy that it was in 2018. My only concrete plans right now are to attend GenCon and do a couple of local Atlanta conventions. Will I travel to conventions in other parts of the country? I’m not sure yet.


Cuz I’m a glutton for punishment, I’m going to go ahead and enter CAPERS and Die Laughing into the running for both the ENnies and the Indie Groundbreaker Awards. Do I think I’ll win anything? Probably not. But I think I have a shot at getting nominated for something…and that’d be pretty cool.

That about does it for 2018. Onward into 2019. Keep an eye out here for more information on much of what was described above. And as always…

Game on,