CAPERS Noir Specs

Hey all,

CAPERS Noir playtest feedback is in. I have some development/revision to do. There might be some additional playtesting, but we’ll see. I think it’s fair to say that there could be a Kickstarter for the game in February of March of next year. We’ll see, but it seems do-able.

What’s in CAPERS Noir, you ask? Here you go!

CAPERS Noir Specs:

  • 52 pages, softcover, color cover, color interior

  • Carries the CAPERS game into the 1940s, shifting focus from Prohibition era gangster action to 1940s crime noir stories. Character options are usable for the regular CAPERS game and also in CAPERS Noir.

  • 5 pages of 1940s setting overview.

  • 3 pages of new character options, including new Vices, point-build character options, and drawbacks.

  • 5 pages of expanded rules, including investigation rules, the Shade track (which tracks characters’ personal corruption that is influenced by the destruction wrought by WW2 and the veil between the real world and the spirit world thinning, and rules for contacts and connections.

  • 4 pages of new Powers, including Light Control, Shadow Control, and Possession.

  • 2 pages of 1940s equipment costs.

  • 4 pages of GM guidelines and advice focusing on investigations and the Shade track.

  • 8 pages of Los Angeles backdrop, including a map and 2 pages of new stat blocks.

  • 2 pages of 1940s law enforcement info, including The Rosewood Hunter Society, a private organization dedicated to understanding and hunting monsters.

  • 6 pages of monsters, including bogies, fiends, ghosts, and revenants.

  • 2 pages of general NPC stat blocks, including the femme fatale, private investigator, and street preacher.

  • 3 pages of GM Toolbox covering the Gloam, the realm of dead things and monsters.

Feel free to pop over to the NerdBurger Games Discord to talk about all this. I’d be happy to answer questions as much as I can.

Game on,