ETSU Con Recap

Wow! What a great convention!

I went to ETSU Con knowing relatively little about it. But it was within driving distance and three weeks before my Kickstarter. A bit of a gamble for my first ever NerdBurger Games booth.

Great crowd. Lots of cool cosplay. Nice sized dealer hall. I had my second best sales convention (only eclipsed by GenCon last year), which was something I TOTALLY did not expect. And I got a bunch of people excited for the CAPERS Kickstarter.

My thanks to dealer hall organizer Nick for all his help. And a big thank-you to Brian and Letitia, who popped in to help out at the booth both days for a little while. So I could host a panel and pee occasionally.

Here's what my table looked like. More photos on the gallery page.

Game on,