The Return of AndoCon


When I set my Kickstarter to begin right before AndoCon (my favorite local gaming con), I thought it'd be no problem. I'd be all jacked up with excitement for the Kickstarter launch and I'd roll that right into the convention.

And I did. But damn, if I didn't crash hard Sunday evening and Monday.

But I'm back now.

AndoCon was great. It didn't happen last year and was sorely missed. It came back better than ever with a bunch of cool stuff they never did before. A wider variety of scheduled RPG events. Many more panels than previous. A slew of prize giveaways. Good times. Noodle salad.

I ran a CAPERS event. Recorded a NerdBurger podcast. Co-ran a cooperative game design workshop. Recorded ANOTHER NerdBurger podcast (this one "After Dark"), and facilitated two tables of six playing Die Laughing simultaneously (while enjoying 12-year old scotch).

And that was all on Saturday. Friday and Sunday I mostly schmoozed. Got a chance to meet some cool designers. Hung out with Eloy Lasanta, whom I've known for years buy never hung around with previously. Played a few games. Kicked back with my friend Mike.

If you live in the Atlanta area and didn't go, should endeavor to attend AndoCon next year. If you live elsewhere, you should make sure to look around and find those one or two small, local gaming conventions where everyone treats you like family.

It's totally worth it.

Game on,