Stretch Goal #4 and 300 Backer Goal

Hey all,

The CAPERS Kickstarter is going strong, but we're in the doldrums of the mid-KS storm. We're closing in on stretch goal #4 and a 300 backer goal I've set. 

If you haven't backed yet, and plan to, now is a great time to jump in. You can help us get over $6200 for the fourth stretch goal and help move us toward 300 backers. 

If we hit 300 backers by midnight Eastern on Sunday, March 25, every backer gets to add a gangster-style or supers-style nickname to their name in their KS backer credit. Do you want to be known as John “Knuckles” Smith or Jane “Slingshot” Jones (or something like that) in the credits? This is your chance. 

Game on,