The Secret I've Been Keeping

Hello stalwart NerdBurgers,

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed me FREAKING OUT about something a couple times over the past couple weeks. I've been sitting on this news for a while.

But, because YOU are a blog subscriber/reader, I'm gonna give you the heads-up here and now.

A while back, I got in touch with a guy who does some freelance writing for a very well-known geek media site and news outlet. After some back and forth between me and him, and me answering some interview questions about CAPERS, he submitted an article for this website. I've been informed it will go live tomorrow, Wednesday, March 28 (one day before my birthday).

So...keep an eye out on...

Geek & Sundry

(on their website or Twitter account) cuz Geek & Sundry will be featuring CAPERS on Wednesday. Once the article is up, I'll link to it here. 

And now, one day before it goes up, I'm freaking out AGAIN. Getting noticed by Geek & Sundry is a big deal. Even if it doesn't bring in a lot of backers for the Kickstarter, it's a huge opportunity to tell people about my little RPG. 

This news is for YOU, blog reader. Please keep it to yourself. I'll announce more publicly tomorrow when the article is up. If you feel like posting to me on Facebook or Twitter and refer to "the big news" without revealing any specifics, go for it. It'd be nice to know there are people who read this blog without being prompted by Facebook and Twitter announcements

Game on,