CAPERS Kickstarter Recap

Aaaaaaand it's done. The CAPERS Kickstarter is over. $10,256 raised by 532 backers in 30 days. That's more than twice as many backers as my Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter pulled in. WOW!

On behalf of myself and the entire CAPERS team, thank you to everyone who supported, shared, and backed the Kickstarter. My little game is going to get published. 

The Initial Push

The KS started off strong. Half funded in about three hours. That's when I started to worry about what happened with M&A two years ago, which flatlined for eight hours after the half-way point was hit. was not to be. CAPERS funded in less than six hours. 

It was both surprising and not. I spent the past two years networking and building my "marketing reach" as best I could. More people knew about M&A and CAPERS and more people shared it this time around. So it's not surprising that it funded quickly. But I also tempered my expectations so as to not be disappointed if it took a few days.

148 backers in two days. 

AndoCon Weekend

The activity of the first few days rolled over into AndoCon, my personal, local gaming con, run by my good friend Ando and a bunch of great volunteers (including of course, wife Katie Mae). Being my "home con," I was able to keep the CAPERS train rolling by introducing people there to my games. So the con weekend actually ended up being fairly busy. 

206 backers by the end of the convention. 

The Slog...or Stretch Goal World

The bulk of the middle run of the KS was as expected. Between 3 and 12 backers per day, average 7 on weekdays and average 4 on weekend days. Some days were slow. Some days were busy. There was no real logic to any of it. One week, Tuesday was good. Another week, Tuesday was bad. CHAOS!

But we punched through multiple stretch goals at one week intervals. 

That Geek and Sundry Thing

On Wednesday, March 28th, at 3pm Eastern, Geek and Sundry posted an article about the CAPERS Kickstarter. In one way, this was the result of me contacting a person, getting the ball rolling, and a couple things falling in my favor. In another, more accurate way, this was the result of many years of gaming, freelancing, failed game designs, successful game designs, con-going, networking, exploring avenues to share my games, and THEN me contacting a person, getting the ball rolling, and a couple things falling in my favor.

The Geek and Sundry Days, as they'll come to be known, extended through the end of that week and beyond. Wednesday was solid. Thursday, my birthday, was the best day the KS had since the initial two day push. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were solid. By that following Monday, things had started to slow down. 

The G&S article was pretty popular on the site. I got a report from a G&S person that it spent time in the #3 most popular slot for a while, only beaten out by two Critical Role articles. Not bad company. 

Looking at average backer pulls for the weeks before during the slow period. I think it's fair to say I pulled about 80-100 backers from Geek & Sundry. WOW!

ConGlomeration Weekend

I spent the con weekend (March 30-April 1) mostly pimping CAPERS and giving away physical copies of the preview edition to anyone who backed the game right there in front of me. Backer #400 happened like that. A young woman named Fallon backed for #400 and got her copy of the preview edition...along with a copy of everything else in the NerdBurger library. I was in a really good mood.

Final Three Days

On the Tuesday before the Kickstarter ended, the "48 Hour Reminder" went out to folks who had hit the "Remind Me" button on the KS page. That, combined with marketing pushes by me, the CAPERS team, and many backers resulted in a big push at the end of the Kickstarter. 

Here's what the entire Kickstarter looked like in graph form, courtesy of Kicktraq. 


So there you go. That's what a successful Kickstarter looks like. 

And you great backers, you made it happen. Thanks so much. 

Game on,