ConGlomeration Recap

Hello all,

I have returned from the second of my "bookend cons" during the CAPERS Kickstarter (the first being AndoCon). 

I drove to Louisville with Dave Lupo of New World Alchemy on Thursday. We talked a lot of game design in the car. Surprise. We shared some booth space with John Arcadian of Encoded Designs, Jim Dagg of Saddle Shaped Games, and Brandon Aten and Matthew Orr of Wet Ink Games. Good times. Noodle salad. 


While I had met John and Jim previously, I finally got a chance to meet Brandon and Matthew in person, and while their Kickstarter for the second book in the Wild Skies game was live, so they were super excited. (The KS is still going HERE, so go check it out.)

Here's the booth set-up (with bonus John Arcadian).


I spent much of the weekend pimping CAPERS and giving copies of the preview edition to people who backed the game from their phones right in front of me. I think I had a dozen of those.

I also recorded and episode of the All Games Considered podcasts with Carol and Mags, and spotlight guest of the show James Sutter, formerly of Paizo. Cool people. Great podcast.


Saturday was more pimping and more giveaways. I ran a fiver-person demo that turned into at least four backers. Spent the evening hanging out with all the folks from my booth corner and eating entirely too much fish and chips at a place called Four Pegs.


Sunday was sloooooooooow.

BUT, near the end of the day, backer 400 happened right at my table, in my presence. Say hello to Fallon, backer 400! I gave her a bunch of free stuff cuz I was in a super-duper good mood.


Game on,


PS  15 backers on Easter Sunday, believe it or not. Such is the power of Geek & Sundry. (The CAPERS article is still on the front page.)