The Boring Stuff

Great title for a blog post, huh?

But it's an appropriate title. The couple weeks following a Kickstarter are busy, but kinda boring. They're things that HAVE to be done and done now. But they're not exciting to tell people about.

So I'm gonna tell you about them anyway. But I'm gonna keep it brief. Here's what I've been up to since the Kickstarter wrapped.

  • Waiting for the Kickstarter funds to clear.
  • Prepping Backerkit for pre-orders, once the funds clear.
  • Prepping the CAPERS Preview Edition to be re-released (for free) on DriveThruRPG with notes about how the full game will be available to pre-order on Backerkit.
  • Getting the art orders and contract to Beth.
  • Wrangling the last of the backer reference photos so I can update the art orders with Beth.
  • Watching seasons 8 and 9 of ER on Hulu. "Rocket" Romano is a douchebag but super fun to watch.
  • Watching Owen create cool graphic stuff like character sheets.
  • Waiting for my first look at layout progress.
  • Creating the backer survey, to be released to backers after the funds clear.
  • Prepping a Kickstarter update for after the funds clear.
  • Waiting for the Kickstarter funds to clear.

I also got the second preview edition of Die Laughing squared away in preparation for more playtesting and conventions.

Exciting, huh?

Game on,