Project Thunderhawk - First Vague Glimpses


While CAPERS moves through post-Kickstarter production, I've started developing actual RULES for the next game I'm developing, code-named Project Thunderhawk.

If you want to learn more about the very beginning of Project Thunderhawk, go back to the previous blog post. Lots of info there.

From Outline to Rules

I've taken a dive into the outline and determined exactly what pieces of game rules need to be fully developed in order to run an alpha playtest sometime later this year. The outline has expanded from 10 to 12 pages. Cuz that's how game design inspiration works. :-)

Here's a very brief (and somewhat vague) discussion of what I've been developing, rules-wise. Keep in mind that ALL of this is tentative. Things may change. This is just a glimpse of where things stand right now. 


Project Thunderhawk will use the same rules mechanics as CAPERS. However, there will be many differences. 

For example, CAPERS has some skills in the game that were purposely called something kind of "old-timey." In CAPERS, the Conveyances skill deals with vehicles. "Conveyances" is an appropriate, 1920s word for vehicles. In Project Thunderhawk, that skill will simply be called Vehicles. 

There is also a skill called "Anomalies."


In CAPERS, Moxie is a resource point system that players use to gain a variety of advantages in play. In Project Thunderhawk, "Moxie" will be renamed to something appropriate to the game setting and genre. It'll still be used for all the things "Moxie" does, but it will also be used in a VERY different way. 

Characters will have this version of "Moxie" for themselves. But the GROUP will also have a pool of this "Moxie" that they can all call upon for certain things in certain ways. 

This "Group Moxie" mechanic is easily the thing I'm most excited about exploring in Project Thunderhawk. 

The "Races"

Characters in Project Thunderhawk will have "races." They're not called "races" but that's what I'll call them for now. Each "race" shares a general appearance, info on their communities predilections, as well as one or more "racial features."

I've developed the basics of six "races."  I think each one is pretty interesting and should be fun for players to play. I've fully fleshed out one of them. 

Vehicle Chases and Combat

Vehicle chases and combat are a very important part of Project Thunderhawk. I've recently developed the very basic version of these rules. They'r'e just bullet points right now, but I'll flesh them out more soon.

When you're driving a vehicle and things go badly, a mishap might occur. I've designed the first version of a Mishap Table for the game. Fun stuff. 

Game Term Glossary

There will be a two-page glossary of game terms at the end of the CAPERS book. Terms that are important to understanding how the game is played. Things like Moxie, Trait Check, Reaction Check, Target Score, and Disadvantage. 

Project Thunderhawk will have a similar glossary of terms, including many of these things, plus more. Project Thunderhawk includes other important terms like Construct, Anomaly, and Collapse. 

The meaning of "Collapse" is VERY important to the game. 

Plus, some of the terms in CAPERS don't even appear in Project Thunderhawk. There are no Powers or Boosts in Project Thunderhawk. Instead, there's some other cool stuff for characters to have access to. 

Modes of Play

There will be three modes of play for Project Thunderhawk. They're called Easy, Hard, and Hopeless. 

Chew on that. :-)

Game on,