Who Wants to Playtest?

Hey there NerdBurgerlings,

Just a couple quick things.

Google+ Community

NerdBurger Games now has a Google+ Community page. It’s over HERE.

This page is dedicated to discussion of games from NerdBurger and building community. I’ll have the occasional announcement there, but only the really big ones. This page is for the players, GMs, and fans.

Die Laughing Playtesting

Die Laughing is the next game up from NerdBurger Games. It’s a zero-prep, short-play, GM-less RPG where everyone portrays characters in a horror-comedy movie. Everyone’s gonna die. It’s just a matter of when it happens and how funny you can make it. Even after your character is gone, there are things for you to do to continue to influence the story. Plays in 1-2 hours, maybe a little longer if you have a LOT of players

I’m in need of playtesters. If you’re interested, email me at NerdBurgerGames@gmail.com and let me know. If you agree to playtest, I’ll ask you to run the game 2-3 times over the course of a few months. Write down your feedback in my little feedback form and send it to me. It’s that simple.

Please only respond if you’re 100% on-board with playtesting and coordinating your group and feedback and getting it back to me in a timely manner. And please respond by midnight, Saturday, May 19th. I’d like to get the playtest ball rolling soon.

That about does it. NerdBurger Games is rockin’ and rollin’.

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