Car Chases In CAPERS Core Games

Happy Friday,

Time for a few more glimpses into what's happening in NerdBurgerLand. 

Project Thunderhawk

I've outlined a bunch of stuff for Project Thunderhawk. Mostly I focused on cool stuff characters can do in the game. Cool special abilities. The "character race" component of each character. Six "races" for sure (maybe seven or eight). Weapons for the game. Vehicles. 

Also, what the three "modes of play" mean in game terms. And "monsters!"

Vehicle Chases/Combat

Most importantly, I recently nailed down an idea for how vehicle chases/combat might be dealt with. I'm shooting for something that amounts to more than "kill the driver to end the chase." I'm approaching this from a cinematic viewpoint. What makes a chase cool and how can I emulate that in game rules. Making sure to give drivers interesting things to do and also give passengers fun options. 

Since Project Thunderhawk will use the CAPERS Core game system (the card flipping mechanic), it'll be something I can adapt to CAPERS as well. Maybe CAPERS will get a little PDF supplement for chases at some point. 

I'm building an idea that uses some of the unique possibilities inherent in using cards. The current incarnation allows drivers to draw a small "hand of cards" that they use for a sub-system that works in conjunction with the standard action sequence rules already established. This sub-system will have a "bidding" mechanic. Drivers will interact with the "action round" in a slightly different way than passengers. But hopefully it'll all mesh into a cohesive whole.

I hope to sit down with a few friends for a rudimentary playtest/brainstorm session in the near future. 

CAPERS Illustrations

There will be more glimpses of artwork coming, but here's a linework piece from Beth. 

Speakeasy (1).png

Don't they all look happy? Of course they do. They have illegal booze!

Die Laughing Playtest

Die Laughing is in the hands of a dozen or so playtest groups to help me fine-tune the game. I should have feedback from them in several weeks. Once I have feedback, I can make adjustments, run a few playtests of my own, and then start thinking about how I can bring Die Laughing to the masses. 

That's it for now.

Game on,