Maneuvers & Mishaps


This blog post deals with Maneuvers & Mishaps. I've been maneuvering through the post-KS, publication phase. So far, no mishaps. 


Linework is almost done. Beth is on schedule for finishing the artwork.

Mike is hard at work on layout and maps. I've been answering some questions and he'll have some things to show me this weekend. 

Owen is working on the Moxie Deck layout. All in good hands. 

I'm nearly finished with the PDF support material. I just have to create the pre-gen law enforcement characters (gangster pre-gens are done). Then I have to make sure everything is formatted nicely. Once I have all artwork, I'll make covers for the adventures. 

You can check out some visual stuff at the most recent Kickstarter update HERE. Glimpses of artwork, layout, and the book's cover (front and back). 

Project Thunderhawk

The new game will feature vehicle chases/combat in an important role. To that end, I've been working on a vehicle chase/combat system using the CAPERS Core card-flipping system. 

I'm not going to get into the details of how the vehicle chase/combat rules work just yet. Mostly because I'm still tinkering with some specifics. Suffice it to say that there will be a card flipping mechanic involved for drivers (though it works a little differently from standard Trait Check and initiative flips). 

The important part for this blog post is that there will be maneuvers and mishaps. The stuff I've developed for this might be more complex than I really want to do (or than the system really needs), but it's where I'm starting. I might scale the complexity of it back. We'll see. 

But here are the Maneuver and Mishap Tables, as they stand right now.

"Chase Damage" doesn't refer strictly to the vehicle's "hit points." Rather, it's a score that represents damage the vehicle can take (you CAN shoot the vehicle, but personal weapons aren't as good against vehicles) as well as an abstract "functionality" of the vehicle/driver combo. If you run out of "Chase Hits," your vehicle is damaged probably but mostly it's just not going to keep up in the chase. If you're the target of the chase (being CHASED by others) and you lose all your "Chase Hits", your vehicle runs out of steam or you wipe out or whatever and are caught. If you're the chaser and you lose all your "Chase Hits," the target gets away from you. 

Speculate away! If you look closely, there's a little something in there that hints toward what Project Thunderhawk is about. :-)

If you want to ask questions about this, you can go to...

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