More Project Thunderhawk Glimpses


I spent last weekend at Southern Fried Gaming Expo here in Atlanta. It started as a pinball expo and has expanded to old school arcade games and tabletop. I had a developer table at the con and sold some books and talked all about RPGs. Overall, the RPG side of things is a little light. But I had a good talk with the Tabletop Director about ways SFGE can improve their RPG stuff in the future. I expect to be in touch with him more in the coming months. 


CAPERS is chugging along. Beth is working on final colors for the illustrations. Mike is nearly ready with layout, to the point that we can run a preliminary print proof to see how the interior and cover are working out minus illustrations. Owen will be getting a print proof of the Moxie deck pulled together as soon as we have a few illustrations from Beth (she's working on those first). All in all, we're very much on schedule. 

Convention Appearances

I'm figuring out my con appearances thru the end of the year. I'll definitely be at AcadeCon in November. I'll have a table at Monsterama here in Atlanta in October to run Die Laughing for folks. I may make it to Conapalooza in eastern Tennessee in mid-October. I may swing by PostApocalyptiCon in Tennessee in early November. And I hope to participate in GauntletCon, an online con, in mid-October. Those last three are all very much up in the air. I likely won't do ALL of them. It's a matter of my schedule and vacation/money costs associated with each. 

Project Thunderhawk

I'm nearing a first alpha playtest of the game's vehicle chase/combat rules. Everything I need is prepped. I just need to find a few people to get on board and nail down a time. Hopefully, sometime this month. 

Project Thunderhawk is built on the CAPERS Core system. But there will be differences based on rule changes important to the new game as well as genre. Here's a glimpse of some character terminology in the game.

  • Flaw: Your character’s greatest weakness
  • Principle: Your character’s most important guiding feature, the one thing they’ll never betray.
  • Treasure: The one thing your character holds most dear.
  • Upgrade: A special ability a character has. Characters gain Upgrades as they advance in the game.

And here's a very basic rundown of a few pieces of equipment you can use in the game. 

  • Constructor: A combination hammer, screwdriver, pliers, etc. used to make and fix things.
  • Destructor: A combination pick axe, shove, sledgehammer, etc. used to break apart or destroy things.
  • Electro-Rifle: A rifle that deals electron damage.
  • Glowstick: A rod that illuminates an area and can also function like a flashlight with directed light.
  • Juicebox: A small bottle filled with “energy.”
  • Magna-Bonds: A set of manacles that are closed with magnetic pads.
  • ReadyPatch: A sort of “duct tape thing” that allows you to repair things.
  • Wrist Rocket: A wrist-worn cord and grapple shooter.
  • Zip-Cycle: A lightweight motorcycle.

All is in flux. Things may change. Feel free to wonder and speculate. 

Game on,