CAPERS Final Color Illustrations

Hey all,

The past couple days have seen a flurry of activity from Beth finishing up the illustrations for CAPERS. She has a couple left to nail down, but most of them are done. Here's a look at several of them. 

Clockwise from upper left: A shot of Atlantic City. A gangster and a fed in a warehouse, a super-powered gangster using the hypnosis power, and a portrait of Carla "Lucky" Luciano. 

Left to right: A lovely gal wielding three pistols, one with her prehensile hair. A shot of a pretty riled-up fellow preparing to open fire on a super-powered woman. A look at a scientist creating an automaton (part of one of the Alternate Earths in the GM's Toolbox chapter). 

CAPERS Colors 2.jpg

I'm thrilled with the work Beth has done on CAPERS. I designed the game (with the help of a bunch of people), but it's BETH that has really brought the world to life. Thanks, Beth!

Game on,