CAPERS, CAPERS Noir, and Die Laughing


Busy, busy, busy.

CAPERS Progress

I posted a metric shit TONNE of CAPERS progress in the most recent CAPERS Kickstarter update. Check it out!

Die Laughing Progress

The game is written, playtested, developed, playtested some more, developed some more, playtested even MORE, and finalized. The manuscript is done. I'm looking at editing and layout planning. And I've just started creating a Kickstarter page for the game. 

Assuming all goes well with fulfilling the CAPERS Kickstarter, I expect to launch a Kickstarter for Die Laughing on Tuesday, October 30, the day before Halloween. I figure it'll only be a 2-3 week Kickstarter, so if you're interested in the game, plan for that. 


I've outlined what I need to do to get CAPERS Noir underway. I'll be writing a bunch of stuff for it over the next few weeks. In fact, I've already started. Four Powers developed. A bunch of general setting stuff written. More to come.

I've contacted two RPG freelancers to help with a few things. They've both expressed interest. Here's hoping they are on board for sure. 

My hope is to have this CAPERS supplement in good enough shape to get some playtesters moving by mid-October, late-October at the outside. 

Now back to work.

Game on,