Ye Olde GenCon Recappe

Hey there,

GenCon was a blast. Here's a recap in quick, bullet-point format.

  • Attended the Indie Groundbreaker Awards for the first time. Met a bunch of my fellow IGDNers in person for the first time and a bunch of cool other folks. 
  • Hung out at a secret, invite-only soiree with some online friends. Got a cool ring.
  • Spent Thursday at my demo table at the IGDN booth. Met a whole bunch of cool people, including some backers who swung by to check out the CAPERS book. Sold some books. Chatted with IGDNers. 
  • Friday and Saturday I ran Games on Demand. 2 rounds of CAPERS. 4 rounds of Die Laughing. Tons of fun with a wide variety of players. 
  • Had some nice dinners with friends both old and new, including a big IGDN dinner on Saturday evening. 
  • Did some networking. There might be a CAPERS actual play campaign stream on the horizon. Fingers crossed. 

A few of the big moments that will stick with me:

  • I received a healthy dose of encouragement from a fellow designer that I come to respect more and more every time I hang out with him. 
  • At one Die Laughing table, I witnessed the moment when one of the players described the action so perfectly that EVERY other player was literally leaning forward in their seats, arms on the table, grinning wide, waiting for more. 
  • I took 38 copies of the Die Laughing preview edition to the booth. It sold out early afternoon on Saturday. WOW!
  • At the last game of Die Laughing, I witnessed a relatively quiet young person seize the table in the last ten minutes as her character died. She gave such an imaginative, evocative, story-fitting description that the entire table applauded. It was wonderful. 
  • I made a few unexpected friends. 

In case you're wondering, this is what Die Laughing looks like:


Game on,