CAPERS Noir Excerpt - Expanded Character Creation

Hello everyone,

Here I am again, sharing a bit of what’s under development for CAPERS Noir. This supplement is looking to be a 52-page PDF/softcover offering. I’ve outlined everything, written a bunch of stuff myself, and have two freelance designers helping with some other bits.

The book will contain the following:

  • Overview - Describing what CAPERS Noir is all about and setting the stage for the 1940s setting.

  • Expanded Character Creation - Containing some 1940s-specific stuff, as well as some optional rules. A link to the first draft of this chapter can be found further on in this blog post.

  • Expanded Rules - This section will contain rules for investigation, the Shade Track, and a few other things. (The first draft of the Shade Track is in an earlier blog post.)

  • Powers - Containing eight new Powers usable in the base CAPERS game or in CAPERS Noir.

  • Goods & Services - Adjusted costs of equipment for the 1940s.

  • GM Guidelines - Advice for GMs running mysteries/investigations, adjudicating the Shade Track, and some other stuff.

  • Backdrop - A complete write-up of 1940s Los Angeles, filled with info on the city, notable organizations, locales, and persons, as well as story hooks.

  • Law Enforcement - A discussion of law enforcement in the 1940s, including what’s happening with the Registry of Abnormal Persons and a government-run monster hunting department.

  • Monsters - Full info and stat blocks for a variety of “creatures of darkness” in the dark 1940s.

  • Friends & Enemies - Stat blocks for additional, crime noir appropriate NPCs like the private investigator and femme fatale.

  • GM Toolbox - Another alternate realm characters can travel to, in this case, the Gloam, the spirit world.

Here’s a LINK to a PDF download of the first draft of the Expanded Character Creation chapter. Give it a look.

Game on,