CAPERS - The Countdown Begins


I recently uploaded the final CAPERS book files to the printer. The countdown to Kickstarter fulfillment is officially underway.

While I wait for the files to be approved and then a final proof gets printed and then shipped, I have a TON of planning to do to make sure fulfillment goes as smoothly (and as quickly) as possible. That planning will happen over the course of the next week.

So when will all the backers get their CAPERS Kickstarter rewards. It depends on file acceptance, printing, and shipping times, but if I had to guess…

CAPERS should go out to everyone on the week of October 1-5.

Plan for that. If it’s gonna take longer, I’ll let every one know.

It’s almost time, and I’m super-excited to unveil all the work the team and I did.

Game on,