Big Announcements!

Hello NerdBurgerlings!

There's a whole bunch of stuff happening right now with NerdBurger Games. I'm going to give you a (hopefully) very quick rundown.


We'll be kicking off a Kickstarter for CAPERS Noir on March 12, 2019. This 50-page supplement will bring a whole bunch of new stuff to the CAPERS universe. Much of what's in the book will be usable for the core CAPERS game.

  • New character options

  • Expanded rules

  • New Powers

  • More GM info, including tools and advice

  • A complete 1940s backdrop for CAPERS Noir, a crime noir setting filled with criminals, cops, mystery, and monsters

This supplement will bring a plethora of new stuff to the game. If it does well, I have plans for two more supplements (CAPERS Covert, set in the 1960s and hearkening to classic James Bond style superspy/supervillain stuff and CAPERS OFFWORLD, tying all three eras together with time travel between them and bringing super-powered characters to a Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers style space-based campaign.

The ONLY way these other two supplements happen is if CAPERS Noir does well. So get on board for a journey through sixty years of CAPERS action and a flight to space! It promises to be a wild ride.

NerdBurger Games Twitch Channel and Campaign

I'll be guiding four saucy crackerjacks through a complete CAPERS campaign starting in March of 2019 on the brand new NerdBurger Games Twitch channel.

Subscribe now to ensure you don't miss out. It's gonna be a great time.

NerdBurger Games Swag

NBG has a RedBubble page. You can get t-shirts and other stuff there. Wanna proclaim your allegiance to CAPERS or Die Laughing? This is the place. There's also a lovely t-shirt telling people that "There's no such things as too many games" available. I'll be adding Murders & Acquisitions to the swag pile there soon.

NerdBurger Games Discord

NBG has a Discord. It's a great place to keep up to speed on everything that's happening in NerdBurgerVille. Sign up and say hi. We have a great little community forming up there and we'd love if you become a part of it.

That about covers it for now. I'll keep you apprised of future news as it firms up.

Thanks for supporting NerdBurger Games. We love all of you.

Game on,