Quick Update

Hello all,

Just a quick update on a couple things.

Die Laughing Fulfillment

If you backed Die Laughing on Kickstarter, you should have received a link to download the PDF. The hardcover and softcover book discount links will be sent soon. I just need to nail down an issue with the back covers. If all goes as expected, that’ll get wrapped up in the coming week.

CAPERS on Roll4It

CAPERS is being featured on the Roll4It Twitch channel. This is a great chance for me to show off the game with a spectacular cast. It’ll run 10:30am-12:30pm EST every Saturday from Feb. 16 to Mar. 9. The VoD of each episode should probably go up on the following Tuesday. This means the final episode VoD will go up on Roll4It’s YouTube channel on Mar. 12, the day the CAPERS Noir Kickstarter launches.

If you haven’t picked up CAPERS yet, there will be discount links available via @Roll4It and on the stream/video itself.


I leave you with a glimpse at artwork from the upcoming CAPERS Noir. Beth is working on final colors, but here are some of the inks.

Los Angeles Cityscape

Los Angeles Cityscape

Scenes from an Investigation

Scenes from an Investigation

Game on,