The Inside Scoop on Kickstarter Day One


Here we go!


The first day of a Kickstarter is more important than you can imagine.

Kickstarter data shows that KSs that fund early (esp. in the first day or even first several hours) do MUCH better overall. You'd THINK that backers finding the KS later would help bolster it (and they do, quite a bit). BUT, people want to back a WINNER!

If a KS hits its funding goal very early, it does much better in the long run. People finding the KS later get excited for a KS that is funded and moving through stretch goals. It's human nature. If something is already good (i.e. funded), it can only get BETTER, right?

Such a KS attracts attention in the comments and on various social media and advertising outlets. Backers tell their friends. It becomes a snowball rolling downhill, gathering backers. It gets bigger and bigger.

Your card gets charged WHEN A KICKSTARTER ENDS. Backing early (1st day) helps a great deal. If you're only moderately interested, back on the first day and help the KS take off strong. You can always drop later if you decide it's not quite for you or your finances are tight.

That is all.

Not quite, sorry.

CAPERS Noir goes to Kickstarter on Tuesday, March 12, at 9am EST.

If you’re going to back, do it on day one. Cuz of what I said above. :-)

Game on,