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Code Warriors is a tabletop RPG that is in the early stages of development. It’s projected to be a 175-200 page (8.5x11) book in full color and will use the CAPERS Core game system, first introduced in the award-winning CAPERS RPG. Like CAPERS and Murders & Acquisitions, it will have a host of free and inexpensive support materials to go with it.

Think of the game as Tron meets Mad Max.

In Code Warriors, you play a program in a computer system. (Think Tron.) The System is crashing…dying. (Think Mad-Max style apocalypse.) What do you do? Do you try to stop the Collapse? Do you do what you can to alleviate suffering and trouble as everything falls apart? Do you take advantage of the System’s imminent death to live out your wildest dreams?

What is Code Warriors Going to Include?

The game will feature the following:

  • A half-dozen different “program types” that you can play.

  • A host of gear with which to outfit your character.

  • A variety of vehicles for you to drive all over the System, along with rules for engaging in vehicle chases and combat.

  • A whole bunch of Upgrades your character can gain to deal with things in the Collapse.

  • A fully fleshed-out “computer system world” in which to play. Filled with interesting and evocative locales to explore and NPCs to interact with. Along with guidelines for what happens to these places and beings as the Collapse progresses.

  • Multiple options for the “type” of apocalypse killing the System, including guidelines for how to slow or even prevent the Collapse for many of them. The game will feature a series of “play modes” ranging from Mad Max style bad-assery to more poignant stories where your character can prevent the Collapse or help others deal with what’s coming.

  • A host of Aberrants and System Hazards that wreak havoc on the System as it falls apart.

  • A map of the System, including rules for how the Collapse affects different sectors as it progresses.

  • A robust GM Guidelines chapter to help GMs run games in all play modes.

  • And more!

Development and Playtesting

Craig has an artist on board to do concepting art for this unique world. He’ll be looking for playtest groups in time, but you can get a taste of Code Warriors at select conventions Craig will be attending in the coming months. Craig will also run playtests online from time to time. You can learn more by getting involved in the NerdBurger Games Discord.