Hire Craig for RPG Services

Craig Campbell, owner and lead designer at NerdBurger Games, is available for hire.

Craig has freelanced for several RPG companies, including Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, Privateer Press, Shoreless Skies Publishing, Third Eye Games, and Wet Ink Games, with around forty design projects to his credit. Additionally, Craig has helmed NerdBurger Games for several years. NerdBurger Games has published three RPGs and run a half dozen successful Kickstarters to fund the publishing of those games.

Following are Craig’s rates for a variety of services that he can help you with.

Target Audience

Craig’s expertise lies in indie RPG design, development, and publishing, including Kickstarters. He’s interested in working with small-scale indie RPG designers who want to bring their RPGs to the gaming community for a reasonable rate for his services.

If you’re interested in hiring Craig for any of the following services, email him at NerdBurgerGames@gmail.com.

All rates are negotiable, based on the scope of the work you’re looking for. Craig will do all he can to ensure any additional charges beyond the scope described below are reasonable, based on the scope of your project. He just wants to help you make your game a reality, much like others have helped him do the same.

Craig’s RPG Services

Freelance RPG Design

  • Freelance Writing: Craig’s rate for freelance RPG design work is 8 cents per word. He’s open to projects up to 5000 words in length. He’ll provide an outline of his work before beginning for your review. He’ll then provide a first draft. He’ll revise his first draft based on your feedback and provide a final draft. Significant changes in scope or multiple re-writes may incur additional charges, but he’ll work with you to make this process and cost as painless as possible.

Game Design Consulting

  • Basic Game Design Consulting: Craig will review your game manuscript and discuss it with you, providing feedback on what the game is about, your target audience, the player experience you’re shooting for, the setting of the game, the game mechanics, what can be done to improve the game, and so forth. The fee for this is $100 to $200, depending on the size of the game.

  • Extended Game Design Consulting: After a basic consult, Craig will provide additional consulting at a rate of $30 per hour to analyze the game in greater depth.

Game Publishing Consulting

  • Basic Game Publishing Consulting: Craig will consult with you on possible avenues for publishing your game. He’ll suggest publishing options based on your game’s size/scope and your marketing plans and available funds. He’ll point you to services and people that can help you publish your game and provide advice on dealing with them. The fee for this is $100 and up.

Art Direction

  • Art Direction: Craig’s rate for art direction is 15% of your art budget. For example, if your art budget is $1000, Craig will be your art director for $150 and the remaining $850 will be your budget for procuring artwork. For this fee, Craig will consult with you to determine what type of artwork you need, he’ll help you find artists for your work (artists to be approved by you), and he will correspond with your artists, create art orders for them, and guide the artists through the process of creating artwork for your game. He’ll provide feedback to the artists on sketches, line work, color work, and so forth, and involve you in the process of approving all artwork as you see fit.

RPG Kickstarter Consulting

  • Kickstarter Page Review: Craig will review your Kickstarter page for $30, providing you with insight into how to make it more engaging to Kickstarter backers. This is a one-time consult fee, but Craig is happy review revisions you’ve made as part of this fee. Additional review work may incur a small, additional fee.

  • Kickstarter Coaching: Craig will advise you in preparing for a Kickstarter, creating your Kickstarter page, finding and building your audience, and what to expect while running and fulfilling a Kickstarter. A one-time consult is $50. Additional, more in-depth consultation can be had for an additional fee.

  • Kickstarter Management: Craig will create your Kickstater page based on your parameters and using graphics, illustrations, and links provided by you. He’ll manage the day-to-day of the Kickstarter for its duration, send out updates, respond to comments, add to the Kickstarter FAQ, and provide advice on how you can help the Kickstarter succeed. At times, he’ll require your feedback as well as specific creator comments/info to distribute via updates and comments. He’ll also promote your Kickstarter in his social media spheres. The rate for this service will be based on the scope and duration of your Kickstarter project. Expect a fee running between $200 and $1000, depending on project size and scope. Craig is open to a flat fee to get things going and run the Kickstarter, along with a percentage of your successful funding total.


Craig mentored me through the process of creating my first tabletop roleplaying game, including design, development, running a successful Kickstarter campaign, fulfillment, and launch of the final product. He's a skilled game designer with the ability to assess the needs of a given situation and offer unique solutions from a position of experience and big picture insight. He's data-driven, honest, and interested in doing what's best for the game, even if that requires making difficult decisions that challenge the status quo. He's an asset to any game design or publishing project.

- Som Pourfarzaneh, designer of the Entromany RPG

On RPG Design:
Many of the most innovative mechanics in my games came from brainstorming sessions with Craig. When it comes to game mechanics, he isn't afraid to experiment. If you need a cool core mechanic for your game, he can help you build one. If you already have something designed, Craig can help you push it even further.

On Kickstarter Coaching:
Craig is a patient teacher and wonderful guide for game developers ready to attempt their first Kickstarter. He helped me outline a plan for everything I needed to accomplish before my campaign launched - playtesting, printing, marketing, art direction, editing, and, of course, setting achievable goals for the Kickstarter itself.

- Ben Sandfelder, designer of the Lightning War RPG