Craig likes to flex his game design muscles now and then with micro-games. These micro-games are generally simple to play with a minimum of rules. They're a way for Craig to toy with different mechanics, have some fun, and provide NerdBurger Games fans with something enjoyable to read and play. 

Zombies and Humans

Craig created a hack of Lasers and Feelings by John Harper. You play zombie apocalypse survivors who have recently been bitten and are slowly turning into zombies. You have one night to get out of your outpost (currently being overrun by the living dead) and get to another outpost where a cure has been discovered.

Zombies and Humans is available at DriveThruRPG.com. You can get it for free HERE.

Plane Crash Confessional

This game is a bit of a departure for Craig. There are no "mechanics." It's an improvisational party game where players tell embarrassing fictional stories about themselves while their plane is going down. Just in case this is IT. 

Plane Crash Confessional is available in Six Little Games, a compilation of micro-games found HERE.

Space Force, Assemble!

In this variation of Ship, Captain, Crew, players are space captains trying to assemble a crew to help fight in the galactic war. But you're all nefarious and crap. So you can mess with other people as they try to fill their ship with a doctor, gunner, spy, and as many expendable crew members as they can find.

Space Force, Assemble! is available in Six Little Games, a compilation of micro-games found HERE.


In this game, you investigate strange happenings and discover horrible monsters with unpronounceable names. And you might go insane. The game mechanic is memory and language. Intrigued?

Cthul-WHO? is available in Six Little Games, a compilation of micro-games found HERE.

Thing or Not a Thing

This game is for a whole bunch of players. The more, the better. One player starts as a Thing, an alien entity masquerading as a human. The Thing's goal is to make everyone else into Things. The humans' goal is to kill all the Things. But they'll probably kill some of their own in the process. It uses Rock Paper Scissors to deal with some random stuff, but is mostly about interaction, deduction, and voting...and Things.

Thing or Not a Thing can be downloaded HERE.

Little Devil / Little Angel

In this game, you have to make decisions. The trick is, you have a little angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other. They tell you what to do and you have to do one of the things they tell you. And you tell a story. With your friends. And they have angels and devils, too. It's all very angelic and devilish.

Little Devil / Little Angel can be downloaded HERE.

Lucky Dino-Robo-Pirates

Craig created a game that fits entirely on the back of his NerdBurger Games business cards. The only way to get this game is to to get a business card from him.

The Resplendent Ruler of Oz

Have you ever wanted to rule over a beloved, imaginary realm? With The Resplendent Ruler of Oz, you can! You need some dice and at least one friend. Dice you can get nearly anywhere. Friends are your responsibility. Though, if you see me at a convention or game day, I'll be your friend and play the game with you.

This game is co-designed with "Listener Larry" who won the game during a NerdBurger Show funding drive. The idea for the game belongs to him and his wife. I worked out the rules with his help. 

The Resplendent Ruler of Oz can be downloaded HERE.

You Suck at Making Sandwiches!

In this 2-page, GM-less micro-game, players portray characters trying to make sandwiches. Unfortunately, they are constantly dealing with ridiculous obstacles (generated by the other players) which prevent them from satisfying their culinary endeavors. Can you make your sandwich?

You Suck at Making Sandwiches! can be downloaded HERE