Craig is always looking for people who are interested in playtesting his games. If you want to playtest, email him at

Right now, the big items on the playtest docket are supplements for CAPERS.

Craig has a few ideas bouncing around his head for new games. Which one he pursues after Die Laughing is very much up in the air, but he has some ideas. Here's a glimpse of what's in Craig's brain right now. The game titles are vague for a reason. 

Keep an eye out for future playtest opportunities. 

The Nowhere Game: An RPG where the players portray characters living in a small town where very strange things are happening. They'll discover secrets, solve crimes, and work to understand exactly WHY these strange things are happening. 

The Family Game: An RPG built for families. Simple dice system, likely using just a few d6s. The core of the game also involves players drawing very simple things, a way for adults and kids to enjoy the same game in a way that kids can grasp easily.