Craig tries to make it to as many game conventions as he can to promote NerdBurger Games and build the NerdBurger audience. If you have any suggestions for conventions he might like to attend, email us at

Below you'll find a rundown of Craig's upcoming convention appearances. 

GenCon - August 1-4 - Indianapolis, IN

Craig will attend GenCon. He’ll be there with three members of Team NerdBurger. Team NerdBurger will be running multiple sessions of all of our games, some in the IGDN room and some at Games on Demand. More details to come. Stay tuned!

Cleveland Geekster - September 21 - Cleveland, TN

Craig will be at Cleveland Geekster all day selling games and talking nerd talk all over people.

Conapalooza - October 11-13 - Kingsport, TN

Craig will be at Conapalooza with some friends to sell and run games. There might be a panel or two in there as well.


There will be more appearances in here. But nothing firm at the moment.