NerdBurger Games Social Media (and other online stuff)


NerdBurger Games has a Discord server. This is the official fan community for NerdBurger Games. Here's an invitation link. Swing on by and see what's happening. This is a great spot to interact with Craig; he stops in daily.

NerdBurger Games Twitch Channel

Craig streams stuff on occasion on the NBG Twitch channel. Currently, he’s running a weekly CAPERS campaign on Tuesdays, 8-10pm Eastern. Subscribe and get on board!

NerdBurger Games YouTube Channel

Craig posts videos to the NerdBurger Games YouTube channel. If you can’t make the CAPERS campaign Twitch show, you can watch the episodes here. There’s other stuff on the YouTube channel, too. Check it out. Subscribe to be notified when a new video goes up.


You can also follow lead designer Craig Campbell on his Twitter. This is a great spot to interact with Craig.

Mailing List


You can email NerdBurger Games at Feel free to email about anything. We'll do our best to respond as promptly as we can.