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NerdBurger Games endeavors to create games that explore corners of the RPG landscape that haven't been explored...or haven't been explored very often. These games forgo dense gaming mechanics in favor of lighter rule sets that allow players to focus on telling fun, engaging, memorable stories. 

The Die Laughing Kickstarter is LIVE.

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CAPERS Now Available for Sale!

NerdBurger Games Discord

NerdBurger Games has a Discord server. This is the official fan community for NerdBurger Games. Here's an invitation link. Swing on by and see what's happening. 

Announcing M&A Memos!

NerdBurger Games is releasing a free, one-page PDF supplement for Murders & Acquisitions every month of 2018. You can snag them over HERE. Check the "Newest Titles in This Section" area. Each is one page of brand new content for the Murders & Acquisitions RPG. Stop back every month for a new M&A Memo

The NerdBurger Podcast

If you want to hear Craig and layout-guy Mike talk, you can check out the NerdBurger Podcast. It's a weekly, one-hour show filled with all manner of nerdy/geeky discussion slathered over with a healthy dose of humor. New episodes go up every Wednesday. Four years and still running strong!

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