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We design tabletop roleplaying games.

Our games forgo dense gaming mechanics in favor of lighter rule sets that allow players to focus on telling fun, engaging, memorable stories.

The Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter is done! We are funded!

You can check out where we ended up on the M&A Kickstarter HERE.

More news on the way in the coming days. Production work is underway! Illustrations are done. We're working on final layout.

A one-hour demo of M&A was recorded at MomoCon this year. You can see it HERE.

If you want to hear Craig and layout-guy Mike talk, you can check out the NerdBurger Podcast. It's a weekly, one-hour show filled with all sorts of nerdy/geeky discussion, all slathered over with a healthy dose of humor. New episodes go up every Wednesday.

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Murders & Acquisitions 2-Hour Live Play Recording!

At AndoCon this year, Craig ran a special, 2-hour Murders & Acquisitions event with some friends who love M&A. The folks at Altered Confusion streamed it live and put it up for viewing on YouTube. The event uses the rules for M&A, but with a thematic element that we're sure you'll enjoy. Check out the YouTube link!

Despite the last-minute audio/video setup, it looks and sounds very good. Well done, Charlie from Altered Confusion.

The Blog Page

Craig posts to the blog page fairly regularly. The blog page features the ongoing development of Murders & Acquisitions, including rules excerpts, illustrations, and glimpses of Craig's game design process. As Murders & Acquisitions wraps up and gets published, Craig will share more info on the development of Capers, the next RPG from NerdBurger Games.

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